4 Lighting Secrets of the Pros for Your Orlando Landscape Design

Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your Orlando home. Doing it the right way will highlight features, and allow you to control the overall mood of your home at night.

Some of the best ways to use outdoor lighting have been utilized by professionals for years. Now, it’s become easy for you to take these tips to add dramatic lighting that makes your home beautiful, safe, and comfortable.

1. Balance Design and Function

Before any light fixtures are installed, it’s crucial to consider the design of your home. Are there areas that you’d like to accentuate at night? Are there pockets of darkness that you’d like to eliminate with light? Continue reading “4 Lighting Secrets of the Pros for Your Orlando Landscape Design” »

Are You Making These 3 Landscape Lighting Mistakes?

Landscape lighting brightens the home and brings out its best features. Lighting experts understand how fixtures should be positioned, and how light should be directed for the best results.

But many Orlando area homeowners continue to make common mistakes that can be easily avoided. If you’re doing any of the following three things, then you might not be getting the full benefit of your landscape lighting.

1. Landscape Lighting Out of Balance

Although your outdoor lighting should bring out certain features of your home, it’s possible to create a lighting design that is out of balance. This creates a sharp contrast between the light and dark areas of your home. Continue reading “Are You Making These 3 Landscape Lighting Mistakes?” »

How to Use Landscape Lighting to Protect Your Winter Park FL Home

Landscape Lighting Protect Winter Park homeLandscape lighting is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family. It keeps your Winter Park FL home safe, while preventing outside intruders from making their way onto your property.

Using landscape lighting correctly provides this safety and security, while enhancing many of the features of your home. Securing your home with lighting can be done easily if you know how to do it the right way.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Although landscape lighting is a great way to accentuate your home, it also provides your family with the safety and security you need. Strategically placed light fixtures give dark areas around your home visibility, and prevent any unwanted injuries. Continue reading “How to Use Landscape Lighting to Protect Your Winter Park FL Home” »

Exterior Lighting Ideas for Your Orlando FL Home

exterior lighting ideas for Orlando FL homeSummer is a wonderful time to entertain outdoors, whether you live in Orlando, Lake Mary or Winter Park. If you plan to have a few friends over for an elegant dinner or simple backyard barbecue, here are a few exterior lighting ideas to dress up your table and patio.

Sand Candles – Dress up some votive candles by adding colored bands of sand. The result is a flickering light that is both cheerful and fun for your guests to enjoy.

Glowing Goblets – Wrap hurricane vases in layers of colored tissue paper, and then add a small votive candle for a glowing effect. You can also turn glass candleholders into stylish accessories by wrapping them in decorative fabric.

Shell Candles – Bring the seashore to your outdoor table by adding candles to deep shells like scallops, clams and quahogs. These shells work best and burn longest. Continue reading “Exterior Lighting Ideas for Your Orlando FL Home” »

Patio Lighting Design Tips for Your Orlando, FL Home

patio lighting One of the advantages of living in Central Florida is that homeowners can sit outside on their patio year round. It does get awfully hot and sticky during the summer months, which is why so many people wait until after dark to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, without lights, it’s going to be awfully difficult to see who you’re talking to! That’s why it’s a good idea to hire someone to do a patio lighting installation. Orlando, Florida has its fair share of landscape lighting contractors – some good, some not. Make sure you ask friends for referrals and check references.

While you search for someone to do the job, here are some exterior lighting ideas to consider for your patio lighting: Continue reading “Patio Lighting Design Tips for Your Orlando, FL Home” »

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