• Does your landscaper do above ground installation to get proper effects and your approval? 
    ECI does.When installing landscape lighting, we solder or brass crimp every connection, and protect them by placing them in large grease tubes to ensure their integrity.
  • What layout does the installer prefer to use? 
    ECI uses the Hub and Spoke method.Unlike some landscape lighting contractors that daisy chain an installation, we never do this because a daisy chain over taxes the wire. As a result, the early lights will be brighter than the latter lights on the run, and those early lights will burn out more quickly.
  • How are wiring connections protected from underground corrosion?
    Wire connections should all be either above ground at the transformer or located in a protected hub and soldered.
  • Does the installer use three-dimensional lighting systems?
    ECI does. We design landscape lighting to get as many shadows as possible, to create silhouette images of trees, plants and accessories. These shadows create an attractive contrasting element to emphasize the beauty of your home.
  • What is the maximum number of lights the installer normally designs in a run? 
    ECI uses no more than 5, and most of the time, use three.
  • Does the installer use a low voltage system? 
    ECI does. We typically incorporate low voltage LED lights that enhance the beauty of your property, while minimizing your utility costs.
  • Does the installer know what the optimum voltage is per fixture? 
    Yes. Optimum voltage is typically 10.8 – 12 volts per fixture.
  • How does the installer ensure proper design and performance? 
    ECI uses both a Voltmeter and AMP probe. As certified lighting designers in Central Florida, we stay current with the latest advances in outdoor landscape lighting to create beautiful designs that employ the most cost-effective technologies.
  • How will your new system take into account any changes in your landscaping like design and growth? 
    ECI places extra wire at each fixture. We generally use larger transformers than you require to handle additional lighting down the road, and to handle later plant growth.
  • Will your installer provide you with a basic blueprint of your installation. 
    ECI does. And we will keep one on file as well.
  • Does your installer offer a comprehensive maintenance program to protect your investment? 
    ECI does. We include maintenance during the first year after installment to make sure your landscape lighting system performs correctly. After the first year, we offer landscape lighting maintenance agreements to fill any need.
  • Will your installer give you a lifetime warranty on all three key areas of your system? 
    ECI will warranty Transformers, Fixtures, Wire, and our Installation along with our annual maintenance program.
  • Does any prospective contractor carry license and insurance? 
    ECI is licensed and carries a $2,000,000 umbrella liability policy.
  • Does your installer carry a Low Voltage License Certification as required by the law?
    ECI is Certified Low Voltage License Contractor ES12000618, as required by the law.