Landscape lighting OrlandoThe key to creating beautiful, energy efficient and long-lasting landscape lighting starts with its installation. At Elegant Custom Images, we use the “hub and home run” method in a landscape lighting installation for you Orlando, FL home or business.

Some landscape lighting contractors will daisy chain an installation. We never do this because a daisy chain over taxes the wire running the amps up. As a result, the early lights will be brighter than the latter lights on the run. This causes the early lights on the run to burn out more quickly, as well as the latter lights.

Generally, the cooler the landscape lighting system, the longer it will last. Elegant Custom Images uses 10/2 wire on all runs, as it will carry a larger watt load. This allows for expansion in the future, when your trees get larger and need more wattage to really show them off. When using the hub and home run method for standard landscape lighting installation, all brightness is correctly gauged. We amp and volt everything to ensure that you get the proper lighting that you need to show your Orlando, FL home or commercial property.

When doing landscape lighting installation, we solder or brass crimp every connection, and then place the connections in large grease tubes to ensure their integrity. If you use wire nuts, the grease will leak out of the rear of the nut within a year and then the connection will start to go downhill. If you use clip-on connectors, the connection will go downhill immediately as there is no way to keep moisture out of the system. We solder to eliminate any problems with moisture or pulling apart the connection. This takes one issue out of the equation, for instance, if a run does not work properly sometime in the future. A lot of things can go wrong, but you can rest assured that it will not be the connection.

For help with your next Landscaping Lighting Installation project in Central Florida including, Orlando, Windermere, Lake Nona, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Longwood, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Palm Coast, and Jupiter Island, Florida, give us a call today.

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