Did you know that low voltage lighting requires installation from a licensed contractor? Homeowners who choose NOT to use a licensed contractor often run into these types of problems:

  • Substandard work
  • Non insured or bonded work
  • Workers comp liability

A contractor who is licensed to install outdoor landscape lighting has been subjected to a background check into their finances, capability and insurance status. Licensing lends credibility to the contractor. It gives the homeowner a level of assurance that the landscape lighting contractor is a professional, who takes his job seriously, since he is willing to spend the time, money and effort necessary to obtain a Florida state license.

Before you hire someone to install low voltage lighting on your property, check whether that individual is licensed by visiting myfloridalicense.com. If you want to verify whether an outdoor landscape lighting company can legally operate in the state of Florida, go to Sunbiz.org and click on “search our records.”

Elegant Custom Images is a Certified Low Voltage Contractor, licensed to operate in the state of Florida – #ES12000618.

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